Nutritional Coaching

How do a coaching and a personalized wellness plan achieve healing?

The first stage of a wellness plan is to collect information about the client. On this first stage  information pertaining diet, lifestyle, personal health history, and wellness status are collected and evaluated. From this first step the client receives a full colour graph and report that explains the results. At that time, the Nutrition Coach will explain the program, answer any questions the client has, and provide the client with a general summary of what the personalized Wellness Plan entails. After this first stage the client can decide what stage to take next and provide the Nutrition Coach with some more information in developing the personalized Wellness Plant.

It is up to the client to take the second stage on a wellness journey, the results obtained from stage one are used as a guideline in developing a 5 Stage Wellness Plan designed to meet the client’s goals.

A Wellness Plan includes:

  • 5 nutrition and lifestyle coaching appointments (1 appointment for each stage of your Wellness Plan)
  • Free telephone or internet access to your Coach between appointments for support as needed
  • Easy to follow recommendations for each stage of the client’s journey
  • Menus and Recipes
  • All materials compiled into a personalized workbook for the client’s reference