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The Human Body-Field (HBF), from the NES theory perspective, represents the control system of billions of cellular and body processes which are self-organizing, intelligent, self-directed energetic structures. The HBF is like the master control of all body functions. When you have a combination of fields, and you get them to be all organized and working together, the body can come to homeostasis. This is because the HBF is responsible for providing a healthy environment for all cells. When there are distortions of the HBF, pathologies may arise.

The HBF is always changing, it constantly reacts to environmental stresses, as it seeks to be in homeostasis. It also is constantly exchanging information.

The NES scan works as a radio scanner, scans channels, and detects the structure of a client’s body field, and determines where are any distortions in the human body field and which drivers are underpowered, and provides the client with information related to physical, mental, and emotional processing.

The scan detects the structure of the human body field (HBF), which is formed of building blocks. Energetic drivers, energize the HBF, allowing it to do its job. Energetic integrators on the other hand, also regulate information transfer processes and oversees that the road maps between organs, are regulated and are capable of taking messages from one place to another within the HBF.

The scan also detects the body’s alignment with the Earth-field. The Earth has magnetic poles, it has gravity, and an equatorial and vertical axis. When there is a misalignment between the body and the Earth fields, the body’s ability to make significant positive changes is limited. This is the reason why the scan gives highest priority to detect the alignment with the field of the Earth. Usually on the first session, some of the infoceuticals that are recommended, are the ones that have to do with this alignment. Some examples are BFA (body field aligner), and Polarity.

The scan also recommends which infoceuticals can be taken to optimize the human body field. Infoceuticals are liquid mineral formulas that provide information, which is required to correct any distortions and return the HBF to balance, so homeostasis can be reached.

The scan also detects rejuvenation fields (ERs), which, when using the miHealth device, can clear energy blocks. When these energy blocks are cleared, then the body is able to send the required messages to different fields. These are also linked to long-standing shock conflicts, restrictive beliefs and memories.

All of the steps done by the scan, from balancing the Earth-field alignment, strengthening the organ systems of the body by using the infoceuticals called Energetic Drivers (EDs), regulating and organizing information by using the infoceuticals called Energetic Integrators (EIs), clearing energy blocks and rejuvenating the body field by using the miHealth device, are some of the steps used in the foundation standard protocol.

These steps are like layers of an onion. As the body starts aligning with the Earth, strengthening the organ system, regulating information, rejuvenating, and even clearing restrictive beliefs and emotions, the body gets into homeostasis. This is achieved over several sessions with a NES practitioner, as each layer needs to be taken care of.

When a client takes these steps, and allows the process to fall into place, he or she will experience a return to health and wellbeing. This may include a proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients, adequate energy levels and reserves, clear mental functions and emotions, optimal nervous system and endocrine functions, active defence mechanisms, the ability to adapt to environmental changes, able to neutralize and eliminate toxins, can maintain appropriate body weight, can maintain, repair and rebuild tissues, and will be able to promote deep and restful sleep.

A combination of all these factors, as far as the client stays on track getting scans every 3 to 4 weeks, and keeping on the infoceuticals, and using the ER settings on the miHealth device, it will allow him/her to stay healthy and be happier. The NES system if not a symptom based approach, it brings the HBF to homeostasis, as it looks at what needs to be addressed, and more important, the order of how the body needs to take care of the issues to be addressed.

BENEFITS include:

  • Stress Reduction: Release emotional and physical blockages
  • Increased Energy: Increases physical energy and mental clarity enhancing wellbeing
  • Health & Vitality: Stimulates the body’s reparative process
  • Pain Relief: Pain and joint stress can be greatly reduced

Bioenergetics can also be used to find relief from acute and chronic symptoms, and also as a powerful preventative measure, correcting imbalances as they arise, allowing you to stay healthy over the long term.

Many thousands of people from around the world have reported significant positive changes through NES Health, including:

  • improved health
  • deep, restful sleep
  • more energy
  • improved skin condition
  • improved digestion
  • reduced pain & discomfort
  • improved blood-sugar regulation
  • heightened mental clarity
  • calmer emotions

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