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The IN BALANCE Wellness and Weight Loss program will open your eyes to what is actually healthy and what we are lead to believe is healthy.  It’s holistic in that it looks at the whole person, not just what you put in your body, but what your body does with it, how you handle stress and emotions, what is your body type, how do you sleep and the factors that affect your sleeping habits, etc.  There’s NO COUNTING CALORIES – because if you think about it, we are a nation that diets and exercises now more than ever and we still have a GROWING OBESITY PROBLEM – obviously this approach doesn’t work.

On the IN BALANCE  program you will learn the right diet for your body type, why bodies store fat instead of burning it for energy and what you can do to turn that around, and you will NEVER BE HUNGRY NOR NEED TO SPEND HOURS AT THE GYM!   If you’ve thought about IN BALANCE  in the past and are sitting on the fence, now is the time to jump in and turn things around, or if you’ve never heard about IN BALANCE this is a great opportunity to give it a try.

The IN BALANCE wellness and weight loss coaching program is a 4 or 8 week program which can be delivered for groups or individuals. This program has inspired and empowered clients to find, build and keep balance in their physical, emotional, and mental health for life.

THE IN BALANCE PROGRAM CAN BE FOCUSED ON KIDS, TEENS, FAMILIES, ADULTS, BUSINESSES, ETC. We run the program in person or over the Internet, no matter where you are.

PLEASE EMAIL OR PHONE US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!!! We can accommodate to different days and times to meet your needs.

For more information, go to the IN BALANCE page.

Start the change now! IT IS WORTH IT!
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For a brief introduction to BUSINESS IN BALANCE, check this video