Are Supplements Necessary?

I am implementing NES Health into my practice. I believe that working on the terrain is key to health and happiness. Interested? Let me know. I am doing FREE Scans at the moment.

Do you or someone you love has been affected by Breast Cancer? I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner, and want to share with you this information. Breast Cancer Brochure and Cancer Prevention Techniques

I love ESSENTIAL OILS!!! Many people don’t know how to use them. What about checking some testimonials? I love this website. Want to know more about essential oils? Let me know, will be happy to teach you about them.

Here is an information brochure that might interest you: essential-oils-cancer
En Español: aceites-esenciales-y-cancer

What is the Role of Genetics in your Health?

I get asked this question often. Is it my genes? Did I inherit it? Would I pass these genetic variations to my kids?

The truth is… although Genetics is in ‘fashion,’ and now you can even find out what are your genetic SNPs (single nuclear polymorphism), what do you with this information? I invite you to check this video.

Pure Genomics… the future of medicine? Can we pinpoint places in your genome that require some help so you don’t have to worry about your health? Can we provide the body with nutrients that are lacking, so our enzymes, our biochemistry, and our physiology work better? Interested? I truly believe that it is not only our genes and Genetics, it is also our environment. This is an amazing branch of Biology called EPIGENETICS!

Contact me, I will be happy to educate you on this amazing new tool I am using in my practice: